Our Story

How this whole thing began

It's 2015 and Christmastime in Detroit. The giant spruce tree in Campus Martius is lit up, the ice skating rink is packed, and nearly 3,000 people from all over Metro Detroit have come to take part in a truly one of a kind Santa themed bar crawl. The rule of the bar crawl: you have to dress up as Santa. Can you imagine a more romantic place to meet the love of your life?

Fast forward three years, we've been fortunate enough to visit the Grand Canyon, watch the sunrise on a volcano in Maui, and swim in the Glistening Waters in Jamaica. We've made a tradition out of riding a tandem bicycle around Mackinac Island each summer and traveled to many more amazing places. We're parents to two adorable cats, Tito and Roxy, who share our love of a real Christmas tree. Together, we've navigated thru "major adult" decisions like changing careers, buying a car, a new house, and an investment property.

In May of last year, we were so lucky to go to Hawaii for the Geyer family vacation. A few days into the trip, Ty suggested we go to Waikiki Beach that night. "A nice dinner, just the two of us, let's get dressed up." We walked the beach at sunset, splashing thru high tide, and making our way to a pier. With the false pretense of having a picture taken from behind, Lexi had her back to Tyler, looking out at the ocean with Diamond Head in the distance. When she turned around, he was down on one knee... if you're wondering how many times Lexi shrieked out of excitement, you'll have to watch the video.

Currently, we live in our little bungalow in Oak Park, a suburb north of Detroit. It's our own fixer upper and we've learned that HGTV makes renovating look way easier (and less dusty!!). Thru the chaos of a broken septic line and constructing a new bathroom, we've developed a deep trust and respect for each other. We're also blessed to have satisfying careers- Alexis feels like she won the jackpot at DGE, a cultural exchange agency for young adults. Tyler sets the bar high as an IT Sales Consultant for Coretek Services, while continuing his hobby of real estate investing.

We look forward to the new adventure as husband and wife!

The first night we met - Santarchy 2015

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